L'Ouest - Les Maitre de l'Affiche - 1899

L'Ouest - Les Maitre de l'Affiche - 1899

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Due to original artwork proportions, the print may have white margins on two sides.

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Grun poster reading "Western Railroad Line [of France] and London, Brighton & South Coast Railway [of England]; the Western Line will send postage-free to your home a brief guide to London; send your request to Advertising Department, 20 rue de Rome, Paris; Paris to London, express service day and night via the Gare St-Lazare; one-way tickets, valid for 7 days; 1st class, 43 francs 25 centimes [etc.]; round trip tickets, valid for a month; [prices]." 1899. - Jules-Alexandre Grun (French; 1868-1934): Painter, pastelist, magazine illustrator, cabaret decorator; poster style influenced by Vallotton; bold use of black-and-white or two color work (red as a second color).