Marlboro - Seneca Seed Catalog - 1893

Marlboro - Seneca Seed Catalog - 1893

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Marlboro. Has thus far proven to be one of the hardiest, earliest, largest, and best carrying berries known. From its unparralled firmness growers can send it from Rochester to New York by rail, nearly 400 miles. The originator now has berries of the Marlboro presereved which are 1 1/8 inches in diameter. Cups of them have been kept a week in good order for the table in the Marlboro post office, they being thrown out on the hand and back again each day, while many other varieties by their side, with the same treatment, were spoiled the third or fourth days. In regard to earliness, the Rural New Yorker acknowledges the reciept of ripe fruit on the 26th of June. It takes two days for the berries to reach Rural Office.