OEuvres de Rabelais - Les Maitre de l'Affiche - 1885

OEuvres de Rabelais - Les Maitre de l'Affiche - 1885

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Due to original artwork proportions, the print may have white margins on two sides.

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Cheret poster reading "Works of Rabelais, illustrated by A[lbert] Robida, 15 centimes per installment, the first 5 installments sold at 5 centimes each; at all bookstores and newsdealers; Librairie Illustree, 7 rue du Croissant; 'It is better to write about laughter than tears, Because laughter is man's characteristic activity; Live in happiness." 1885. - Jules Cheret (French; 1836-1932) Leading lithographer; set up his own shop, specializing in posters, in 1866 (in 1881 this shop became part of the Imprimerie Chaix, publishers of Les Maitres de l'Affice); after selling shop, continued doing commercial graphics, but also painting, tapestry cartoons, etc.; combining rococo grace and modern Parisian elegance, created a true poster style (rather than imitation of oil paintings); first major poster artist to draw directly on lithographic stone.