The Sun - Les Maitre de l'Affiche - 1893

The Sun - Les Maitre de l'Affiche - 1893

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Due to original artwork proportions, the print may have white margins on two sides.

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Willet poster reading "International exhibition of products of commerce and industry, Palace of Fine Arts and Galerie Rapp, Champ de Mars [, Paris], from April 25 to August 5, 1893; attractions: concert of the Watin orchestra, salon theater, caf? with show, tableaux vivants, buffet, restaurant, French beer, admission: Sunday and Thursday 50 centimes, weekdays 1 franc, Wednesday 2 francs." 1893. - Adolph Willette (French; 1857-1926): Painter, draftsman, printmaker, writer, contributor to humor and satire magazines; many posters; book illustrations.